Disposals through auction

Maximise realisations from assets

When you need to dispose of assets, receiving the maximum net return quickly is a priority. Our priority is to achieve that for our clients.
Success comes from our experience of what sells and how best to present it. The methods we use to dispose of assets depend on the needs of individual clients and the type of assets being sold. That means we do still sometimes advise selling through a live auction – after all, that’s how the business started and for some clients it remains the most effective method of sale.

George Hazell & Co auction sales

To maximise your returns, we might recommend and manage the disposal through:

  • Online auction – all sales are managed and controlled through bespoke auction software to reduce errors in the process and safeguard your returns
  • Sale by tender – including private treaty when required. We may occasionally recommend this type of sale instead of the more widespread online auction
  • Monthly collective sale at Thetford – held at our own premises. Your assets could be more valuable if sold alongside sales items from other sources. Our collective sales may be live and/or online
  • Live auction – at a client’s site or other location

Why George Hazell & Co?

Our clients choose us because they know we can deliver what they need. We guarantee to:

  • Assess and advise on health and safety concerns, where they may apply
  • Hold all client funds in RICS audited accounts, making sale proceeds fully traceable
  • Promote the sale of your assets in the most effective way through our extensive contact database and trade publications, as appropriate
  • Publish a catalogue of sale items for download from our website