What we do

George Hazell & Co helps organisations to understand the financial value of machinery and business assets and if required, will sell plant, machinery or other business items to turn those assets into cash.

Most of our clients are:

  • Insolvency practitioners
  • Business recovery and turnaround specialists
  • Insurance agencies and loss adjusters
  • Accountants and solicitors involved in corporate mergers, acquisitions or sales
  • Banks or other asset-based lenders
  • Government bodies, such as HMRC

based mainly within the UK. Some of our clients ask us to handle assignments abroad.

We guarantee to:

  • Provide a senior representative to work with you
  • Be professional and reliable
  • Use our expertise and experience to protect an organisation’s financial situation

How we can help

What we do to help you will depend on your situation and the support you need. When you involve us, you can rely on the George Hazell & Co team to get you through the process and we will do that by: